"Win at Home" toolkit

God calls us to be a no ordinary family. And it starts at home.

"Win at Home," beginning Oct. 20, will help you win where it matters most every day — the center of your family life and relationships and your biggest opportunity to impact your community.

How do you define success? What are practical ways you can win in every area? Our four-week series will give you a new perspective on the place you call home. 


We’ve collected some things to help you dig into the teaching + share the excitement with everyone in your circles — your groups, serving teams, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

Explore the topic on your own

Real Life Podcast, Jeff and Alyssa Bethke 

To Hell with the Hustle, Jeff Bethke

Do video studies with your group

You can always find NewSpring recommendations on the Bible study video streaming service, RightNow Media. (Get your free NewSpring account.)

Here are a few to help you, win at home.

“Win at Home” NewSpring playlist

Future Family, Andy Stanley

Raising Kingdom Kids, Tony Evans

Keeping Place,  Jen Pollock Michel

It Starts at Home, Kurt and Olivia Bruner

Equipped to Love, Whitney White

Get some practice

The following are suggestions for small habits that will help you make winning at home an everyday reality.

Week 1 

  • Start your day grateful: Pray with your household, and praise God for one thing you’re grateful for.
  • Bible before phone: Set a morning time-lock on every phone app except the Bible. 
  • Bless people and your food: When you eat with others, pray a blessing over them.
  • Make the most of car time: turn off the radio and start a conversation (with people in the car or by phone).
  • Pause for reflection: In the morning, at lunch, and before bed, take five minutes for solitude and silence.

Week 2

  • Build relationships:Spend one of each mealtime weekly — breakfast or coffee, lunch, and dinner — with someone who isn't in your immediate family.
  • Make the most of Sunday: Pick out one person at your gathering you don’t know, introduce yourself, and make conversation.
  • Give people full attention: When you are in a social situation, make it a rule for everyone to turn off their phones, put them in a basket, stack them on the table — or just leave them in the car.

Week 3

  • Settle your accounts: On the last day of every month, ask a friend, a spouse, or a co-worker to tell you if you’ve hurt or offended them in any way. If so, apologize, ask for their forgiveness, and ask God to help you in that area.
  • Give encouragement: On the first day of every month, tell someone face to face why they matter to you and praise them for something good they have done.
  • Do life together: Each week, give up a solitary activity you enjoy to spend uninterrupted time with people you enjoy.

Week 4

  • Get to know your neighbors: Don't just wave at your neighbor. Stop and have a conversation.
  • Give grace to your neighbors: Skip a second helping or cook extra, and take a meal to a neighbor or a friend.
  • Invite neighbors to your celebration: Ask them to join you for random cookouts or holidays like Memorial Day, July Fourth, Labor Day, or Halloween.
  • Lend your neighbor a hand: On your yard days, offer to cut your neighbor’s grass, blow leaves, or wash their vehicle. (Bonus: Get the kids involved!)
  • Do a random act of kindness: Pay for someone's coffee or meal in the drive-thru or the groceries of someone in your checkout line.

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