Session 6

The church is bigger than a building

From 1 Corinthians: A 35-Day Devotional

God is in the building business. He’s not so concerned about specific architecture styles or floor plans, but about constructing great things in people and with people.

In Old Testament times, God said He would live in the temple built by Solomon in Jerusalem. With the arrival of Jesus to rescue people from sin and defeat death, God shared His new plan. God said He would live in people (1 Corinthians 3:16).

No longer do we have to go to a place to connect with the God of the universe, because He is already with us and among us. We don’t need to build temples to meet Him. Together, with other followers of Jesus, we are the temple where God can be found.

We are the temple where God can be found.

Sacred space isn’t a geographic location, but the work God is creating within His people. And when His people work together, He builds something more amazing than any wonders of the world.

We can contribute whatever parts of our lives we choose, but only a few things really last. Our ideas seem smart until we compare them with God’s wisdom. Our agendas seem noble until we match them up to God’s plan to make wrong things right. What we build ourselves might satisfy us for a while, but only Jesus can satisfy us completely and eternally.

The only way we can build something that lasts is to listen to God’s wisdom while connecting with people—the most worthwhile project we can ever participate in.


  • After reading these verses, what would you say you’re building your life on?
  • What is one change you can make to ensure Jesus is at the center of your plans this week and in this season of your life?

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