Session 21

What it means to be committed

From Acts: A 28-Day Devotional


Acts 21

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After a grueling journey, Paul arrives in Jerusalem. He swaps stories with friends then goes to the temple to worship. Pretty soon, a rumor starts that Paul took a Gentile to the temple. The misunderstanding incites a riot and lands Paul in jail.

Paul didn’t play around. He took his commitment to Jesus seriously. So seriously, he insisted on walking boldly in obedience toward prison and hardship. Despite the persistent warnings of other believers, he could not be deterred from what God had for him next.

Why was that? Because Paul had a personal encounter with Jesus that proved to him that God can be trusted.

God’s foresight is perfect and His plans are always laden with purpose. God’s way is rarely easy because easy never results in a spiritual profit. If there ever was a definition of commitment, it lives in Acts 21:13, “...I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.” Paul’s resolve was well-guarded by his courageous faith. He did not entertain fear or self-interest.


  • What does this passage teach us about God? How does it apply to you?
  • In your gut, what is really holding you back from the courageous faith and bold obedience like Paul’s?
  • Has there ever been a time when influential people tried to dissuade you from doing what you felt God was directing you to do? If so, how did you decide what to do? How can you know what God wants you to do?

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