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Boasting About My Weakness

Life can be pretty tough. We may often feel the sting and the discouragement of “not being good enough.” Someone else always sings better, is more beautiful or handsome or possesses talents we can only dream of. I can remember showing up to kindergarten on the first day of school only to discover there was a group of kids who could already read fluently. I recall thinking, “Why did my parents not prepare me better?  I thought you came to kindergarten to learn how to read?”  The competition was on. 

We often bring this competitive nature with us in our relationship with Christ, and want to become really good at this “Christian thing.” We end up bragging in our hearts, and sometimes out loud, about how good we are.

Paul teaches us that there is no room in the Gospel for our boasting. In verse 5, Paul says “I will not boast about myself, except about my weaknesses.” He even explains that he could speak highly of himself because of the holy life he lived. He didn’t, however, because he didn’t want to become proud and give the impression that he was living a holy life on his own. He knew that the power to live a holy life came from Christ, not himself.

We too, should be careful about how we view ourselves and how we represent ourselves to others.  We want to live good lives, but we do not want people to think that this is through our own power. This is such refreshing and good news! Instead of competing to be the best, we get to boast about our weaknesses and the way that Christ loves us in spite of them and empowers us to overcome them.


  • Do you tend to compete with other Christians in your walk with God?
  • What are your “weaknesses”? How can you boast in them instead of trying to cover them up?
  • How can you see God helping you in your weaknesses?

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