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Change In Direction

In Micah’s lifetime, Israel was conquered and Jerusalem was overtaken. Jerusalem’s leaders were obsessed with money and power, and corruption was rampant. But God promised through Micah and other prophets that a deliverer was coming. And when this new king came, he would establish God’s kingdom forever.

Micah’s words came true when Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Jesus is the Messiah, our deliverer. Jesus’s death paid for the sin that separates us from God and, through Jesus, God established the basis for a new kingdom that will last forever. This time God’s kingdom was not based on race or family lineage but on the belief that Jesus is God’s son and a commitment to follow His example forever.

Despite Micah’s warning, many Jewish religious leaders did not see Jesus for who He was. They knew Micah’s prophecy better than anyone but, because they were looking for a political leader, many Jews didn’t recognize the Messiah when He was right in front of them. And if we’re not careful, we’ll do the same thing. We’ll memorize Bible verses, but miss the opportunity for relationship that’s right in front of us.

When we make Christianity about morality, politics, money or power, we’re no different than the religious leaders of Jesus’s day. Instead of allowing God’s word to shape our view of the world, we’re misusing God’s word to fit our view of the world.

Through Micah, God gave his people a glimpse at the future, not to satisfy their curiosity, but to change their direction. The same is true for us today. What about your view of God needs a change in direction?


What expectations do you have of Jesus? How have your expectations shaped the way you see Jesus when you read the Bible?

Think about the last time a major life event didn’t go as planned. Looking back, how was God at work in ways you didn’t expect?


A view of the old temple grounds in Jerusalem facing the Mount of Olives 

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