Session 7

How to speak the truth in love

From Choosing Words Wisely: A 9-Day Devotional

Sometimes when you tell people the truth, no matter how kind you are, they don’t react well. We like to think people are objective and rational, yet when the truth steps on their pride, insecurity, or idols, watch out!

God commissioned Amos to speak the truth to Israel and its wicked king. The people rebelled against God and turned to pagan idols. Their behavior aligned with their object of worship: They became hard-hearted, greedy, and evil. When Amos proclaimed God’s warning and invited them to repent, he was accused of treason (Amos 7:10).

Amos was a man who understood his responsibility to speak the truth with compassion, regardless of the results. He knew he was responsible only for the message, not how people reacted to it. We have the same responsibility. We are called to care enough about others to speak the truth (not merely our opinion) with love, regardless of how people respond.


  • Do you always speak up when you know the truth? When you do, how have people responded?
  • What keeps you from revealing the whole truth in every situation?
  • What steps can you take to make sure you speak the truth in a loving way?

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