Help Is Here

We could have peace in our lives. Christ offers it to us. Instead, we allow ourselves to get bogged down with what life throws at us. Whether it’s bad news or a bad situation, we often allow turmoil to rule in our lives. Christ wants to give us peace in our hearts, but somehow we are keeping ourselves from receiving it.

God advises us through Colossians 3:15 to let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts and verse 16 tells us to let the word of Christ dwell in us. If we have to be told to let these things in, it implies we don’t automatically let it happen. We often actively work against the help that is right there. But God is telling us to let Christ give us these gifts of peace and wisdom, because it will help us.

There’s something else in Colossians 3:15-17 we can’t miss. We are told to be thankful three different times. That boldly states that we should be thankful for everything Christ gives us and to do it often. Christ is offering to give us peace in our hearts that rules over everything, community in His word and thankfulness in His greatness. We could have all of that — if we just let Him give them to us.


  • What is one area of your life where you could be better at letting Christ bring you peace?
  • How could you better use Christ’s wisdom to help guide people around you?
  • Name three things you have to be thankful for. Are you taking the time to show thanks to God?

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