These Two Things Will Change Your Life

There’s no secret to God. He wants us to know and grow closer to Him. You may ask, “If there’s no secret to God, how do we work towards spiritual maturity?” There’s two things, and if we continue to increase and grow in these areas daily, it will change the course of our lives forever. Increasing our view of Jesus and our growth in Him will not only change our lives, but it will change the lives of those around us.

Our view of Jesus started when we accepted Jesus into our lives. God has chosen us to have a relationship with Jesus, but in order for us to increase our view of Him, we have to spend daily time in the Bible. Spending time in the Bible shows us the love Jesus has for us but it goes farther than that. Reading the Bible also shows how Jesus served and was obedient to God in every area of His life. When we read the Bible we see that Jesus had godly community in His life.

Having weekly community in our lives will increase our growth in Jesus. In Colossians 1:28, we see a group of people who were gathered together learning about Jesus. With godly community, comes accountability, and with accountability comes growth in Jesus. The more we are intentional with reading our Bible daily and surrounding ourselves with godly community, we will increase our view of Jesus and our growth in Him, which will continue to increase our spiritual maturity.


  • In what way are you being intentional in spending daily time in the Bible?
  • Who do you consider a part of the godly community in your life? Do you need godly community? If so, join a group!
  • What’s one thing holding you back from increasing your view of Jesus and growth in Him

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March 1, 2014


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