Session 11

Where to find peace when you’re scared

From Daniel: A 14-Day Devotional


Daniel 10

When was the last time you were really scared? 

As a child, you might have woken from a bad dream only to find yourself staring into a dark room and feeling unsettled. Fear can quickly lead to confusion and panic. 

Where am I? 
What happened?
Was that real?

The fear and disorientation that follow a bad dream are similar to what Daniel experienced in Daniel 10. And what God’s messenger did for Daniel, God does for us in the dark corners of our lives.

Daniel was frightened by the vision God gave him, but God’s messenger reassured him. Daniel lost his speech, but the messenger’s touch restored it. Daniel felt weak and helpless, but the messenger’s words strengthened him. 

Likewise, God meets us in our fear and reassures us of His presence and His promises. God restores our souls, saving us from sin and to an abundant life with Him. And knowing that we would feel weak and helpless, God sent us His Word and His Holy Spirit to strengthen and guide us. 

God brings healing when we are hurt, peace when we are troubled, and strength when we are weak. In the same way a child calls out for mom or dad, we have a heavenly Father we can call out to in times of fear and uncertainty. And as we reach out to God, He settles our hearts the same way He did for Daniel. 

  • How have you seen God bring peace and calm to a scary situation in the past?
  • Is there anything you’re fearful of right now? Take a few minutes to tell God your fears. 
  • Is there an area of your life where you feel weak? Take a few minutes to ask God to give you guidance and strength. 

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