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Does God Call Us To Quit?

We're all chasing after something—a career, a relationship, popularity, money, glory.

In 2 Samuel 2:19, Asahel, one of David's warriors, began a chase that would ultimately cost him his life. Asahel began to pursue Abner, a leader in the opposing army. Despite multiple warnings, Asahel continued on his course—which led to his death.

We can spend our lives chasing things we aren’t meant to have. Sometimes God wants us to give up our own plans, so He can lead us to something better.

How can we know if the goals we chase after are worthy of our pursuit?

1. Ask God.

  • Spend time in prayer. Ask Him if what you are pursuing is what He wants for your life.
  • What does God's Word say about it? If your goals go against what the Bible says, then it's time to give it up.

2. Ask yourself.

  • What is motivating you? Is it love and a desire to bring God glory? Or, is it obligation, bitterness, sin, popularity, personal recognition, etc.
  • Are you growing closer to Jesus as you strive to reach your goal? If the answer is no, then you may be chasing after the wrong thing.

3. Ask others.

  • Proverbs 12:15 says, “The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.” Seek the advice of people who walk closely with Jesus. Fresh perspective from godly friends can give you just the boost of encouragement or caution you need.

Perseverance, commitment, and endurance are qualities we all need as we strive to run the race God has marked out for us (Hebrews 12:1). But, we must make sure we are all running the race that He has for us—not the race that we set before ourselves.


  • What’s one goal you are pursuing? What’s motivating you to reach that goal?
  • Who do you go to for wisdom, advice, and encouragement? Do they encourage you to pursue the life God has for you?
  • What is one step you need to take today to make sure the goals you are pursuing are moving you closer to God’s plan for your life—not away from it?

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