God is a rescuer, and He wants to rescue you. The story of Exodus has been the basis of many movies and miniseries over the years. In it, God sends plagues on Egypt and brings His people out of sl... Read More

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Devotionals From This Study

Session 1

What if the right thing costs you everything?

Have you ever found yourself in a seemingly hopeless situation, feeling trapped and completely stuck? Perhaps you questioned if God notic...

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Session 2

Are you in need of rescue?

Have you ever needed to be rescued? Whether it’s a conversation with your crazy great aunt at a Christmas get-together or the traff...

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Session 3

Help is on the way

As parents, it doesn’t matter what’s going on around us, when we hear our child’s cry for help, we go running. Sometime...

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Session 4

Looking for a sign that God is with you?

Moses was a simple shepherd living in a foreign land, far from where his life started out. When God shared His plan to rescue His people ...

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Session 5

What to do when God doesn’t meet your expectations

You can’t seem to please anyone — your boss, your spouse, your parents. Maybe you’ve been rejected, made to feel like a...

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Session 6

Will you let God set you free?

In Exodus 6:6, God tells Israel: “I am the Lord, and I will bring you out from under the yoke of the Egyptians. I will free you fro...

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Session 7

Great success often starts with failure

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again!” That old saying was written by T. H. Palmer, someone who had sur...

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Session 8

How to break a cycle of regret

It happens to the best of us. We reach the end of a busy day, and someone asks for help with a simple task. Instead of responding with a ...

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Session 9

What is your purpose in life?

How many times have you asked yourself, "What am I here for? What is my purpose in life?" There are hundreds, if not millions, of jobs in...

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Session 10

When you can’t see clearly

How many times do you have to hear something before you realize it’s true? Pharaoh had a hard time listening to the words God spok...

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Session 11

We are all enslaved to something

Blood. Frogs. Gnats. Flies. Disease. Boils. Hail. Locusts. Darkness. Nine destructive plagues and still Pharaoh refuses to free the Hebre...

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Session 12

Freedom comes from following instructions

Have you ever been given a list of instructions, looked at the amount of information, and said, “I just can’t be bothered&rdq...

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Session 13

How remembering the past shapes the present

When it feels like we’re wandering aimlessly or stuck in a hopeless situation, promises like “the best is yet to come” ...

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Session 14

How to win the war

Have you ever felt like you were in a war you couldn’t win? Maybe your dream job turned out to be miserable. Or your happily ever a...

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Session 15

How to celebrate life, even when it sucks

In today’s society, we find ourselves celebrating so many things. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, the victories of our favorite...

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Session 16

God is our banner

Sometimes God’s promises to us involve a fight. We have to fight to keep our focus on Him, fight to move toward the promise we...

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Session 17

God’s presence is greater than His presents

The whole goal of advertising is to convince us we need an upgrade. They try to convince us we are missing out on the latest fashion, the...

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Session 18

The gift we never knew we needed

Our perspective — the way we interpret what’s happening around us — can make or break us in any given situation. For ma...

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Session 19

The one person who never breaks a promise

Have you ever made promises that you later failed to keep? Maybe you were desperate to complete a project, repay a debt, lose weight, or ...

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Session 20

A new way to think about God’s commands

At some point, you’ve probably heard, “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” Those of us that have tested t...

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Session 21

Revenge isn’t as sweet as you think it will be

You got dumped. Your grandma died. Your dog got run over. You are a walking country music song, and someone better pay. Revenge: you don&...

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Session 22

What if you are the thief?

Exodus 22 is all about property and social responsibility — two concepts that seem irrelevant in a culture where most of us don&rsq...

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Session 23

Timing is everything

A plentiful harvest doesn’t happen by accident. A farmer spends considerable time fertilizing the soil, tilling, planting, and wate...

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Session 24

The key to effectiveness in the church

Few things are more painful than watching a talented team fall apart. It happens in every Olympics and every World Cup. A nation puts its...

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Session 25

Why you should give God your best

Have you ever tried to put together a dollhouse? The instructions go on for days. It’s hard enough to figure out what an A screw is...

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Session 26

How to prepare our hearts for worship

In Exodus 40, God takes 34 verses to tell Moses how to prepare the tabernacle for worship. And Moses follows God’s instructions exa...

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Session 27

How to do more than you ever thought possible

God gave Moses a God-sized task and promise: “...Have them make a sanctuary for me, and I will dwell among them. Make this tabernac...

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Session 28

What happens when everyone gives what God says

How many times have you written your tithe check or thrown the contents of your wallet into the offering plate and thought, “Good l...

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Session 29

You can come to God after a mistake

Have you ever felt like you had to walk on eggshells around someone? Maybe it was a boss with no patience, a friend with no grace, or a f...

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Session 30

You’ve got a friend in me

The story of Exodus is at best a turbulent one for the Israelites. God’s people seem unable to escape the roller coaster of their o...

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Session 31

Is impatience getting the better of you?

Have you ever grown tired of waiting for someone to respond? You tried being patient, but after enough time passed, you went ahead withou...

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Session 32

You were made to make a difference

You were designed to make a difference. God’s plans for His church are as simple as they are complex, and each of us play a part in...

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Session 33

What it means to be set apart

Something as simple as special plates can completely change the atmosphere of a meal. For example, you know it’s a special occasion...

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Session 34

Worship is more than singing on Sunday

Have you ever wished you were better at something? Have you been confused about why you were made the way you are or why you have the tal...

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