Session 12

How To Distinguish Wants From Needs

From Finding Your Financial Path

Most of the time, what we want isn’t what we need. And if we’re honest, we’ve been given far more than we actually need. We need food, clothing and shelter. We want everything else.

So how do we find joy when we can’t get what we want? Contentment is contingent on our attitudes, not our bank statements. If we’re always looking to make more money, gain more resources and acquire more wealth for ourselves, we’re not using money how God designed it to be used.

Money is a tool to provide for our needs, to provide for the needs of others and an opportunity to give back to God as an act of worship. By giving to God, we’re declaring that we don’t find our satisfaction in money, but in Jesus. Jesus is the one who provides for us. Loving money more than God leads to pain, letdown and sin. But when we trust God will provide for our needs, we can find our contentment in Him.

Money will run out, but God is a generous giver who is with us through everything, no matter what. He provides for us, above and beyond what we expect. When we trust and obey Him with our money and our lives, we receive His rich love and the transformation it creates in us.

Think About:

1. What are two things you want but don’t really need? Will you trust God to provide them for you (or to know better that you don’t need them)?

2. On a scale of 1 to 10, how content are you? Why did you choose that number?

3. Discontentment begins when we believe God doesn’t have our best interests at heart. What are three ways God has been faithful to you this month?


Jesus, thank You for always having my best interest at heart. Help me to be content in You and You alone.

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