Do you ever feel stuck in a sin or habit you just can’t seem to break free from? Do you ever wonder if God really loves you even though you still struggle?  You’re not alone. In P... Read More

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Devotionals From This Study

Session 1

Who are you trying to please?

Pleasing dad is something most of us strive for throughout our lives. No matter how complicated our relationship with our parents might b...

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Session 2

Does God play favorites?

Everyone knows “that” crowd in high school, the one we let intimidate us by their status or influence. They were cooler, more...

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Session 3

Are you stuck in the performance trap?

From the time we are babies, we are rewarded for hard work. We are promised a toy if we don’t scream during the shopping trip. When...

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Session 4

Remember whose you are

Life as a Christian can seem difficult if not impossible. How easy is it — really — to love our neighbors, to honor our paren...

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Session 5

Don’t disregard the middle man

Think back to playing games as a kid after school. Remember the arguments that ensued over an out-of-bounds call in basketball or a safe/...

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Session 6

You’re an heir

What does it mean to go from a slave to a child of God? What does it mean to go from hopeless to hopeful? What does it mean to go from ha...

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Session 7

Stop doing, it’s done

“Don’t drink, smoke, chew or go with girls that do…” For many who grew up in the South, this is familiar advice...

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Session 8

Don’t be a rule follower

God promised to give Abraham a son. The only problem was Abraham and his wife Sarah were out of their “childbearing years.” E...

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Session 9

When nothing you do is good enough

Have you ever been in a relationship where nothing you did was ever good enough? If you have, you know it’s frustrating, exhausting...

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Session 10

We all need a guide

We all know that feeling of walking into a gym for the first time. You want to get in shape, and today is the day you’re going...

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Session 11

5 things to look for in community

When we make the decision to follow Jesus, we start a lifelong journey. But this is not a trip we make on our own. When we ask Jesus into...

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