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God is our Lord

Today, many parents name children based on what’s popular or what sounds good, without much meaning beyond a nod to a family member or friend. But in biblical times, a name was important. Often, much of a person’s character, experience, and outlook was affected by their name.

God had multiple names which expressed important aspects of Him to His people. God’s people in Old Testament times understood the power, importance, and impact of God’s names.

In 2 Samuel 7:18-23, King David calls God “Adonai,” which means master and Lord. David, a respected and powerful king, acknowledges that his greatness before man is nothing compared to the greatness of God. In calling God “Adonai,” David is acknowledging God’s sovereignty. God alone has all authority and all power. He is able to do anything, and He’s always right.

God showed this side of Himself to Israel by making a way for His people to escape captivity and settle in a new land (2 Samuel 7:23). And just as God performed great and awesome wonders for Israel, He’s done the same for us.

God made a way for us to be in relationship with Him by sending His Son, Jesus, to pay for our sins. When we accept Jesus as our savior, we also acknowledge God as “Adonai,” our master and Lord (Matthew 10:32).

As we move into a relationship with God, we are established as His people and like Israel, we become His people forever (2 Samuel 7:24). This recognition changed David, and it changes us. David saw himself as a servant whose job was to bring God’s glory. Like David, when we know God as “Adonai,” the focus of our lives shifts from serving ourselves to serving God and others.


  • What does it say about God’s power that a king of David’s stature made himself a servant to God?
  • How does seeing God as “Adonai” change your understanding of His character?
  • Would you consider yourself a servant of God? Why or why not?

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