You've made a decision that matters now and matters for the rest of your life. When you decided to go public, saying Jesus is Lord, you started a whole new journey. It's not a journey abou... Read More

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Devotionals From This Study

Session 1

Does Being Baptized Mean All Your Problems Are Fixed?

Big Idea: Our problems aren’t automatically fixed, but God promises to be with us and help us through them. The short answer is ...

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Session 2

What Does Baptism Mean?

Big Idea: No matter what's in our past, baptism is a mark of how Jesus has changed us. Baptism is a picture of death, burial, and ...

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Session 3

Why Did People Celebrate When You Were Baptized?

The Big Idea: People celebrated to welcome you into God’s family. When you accepted Jesus’ gift of salvation, God adopted ...

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Session 4

What Changes When You Go Public?

The Big Idea: Saying Jesus is Lord of your life changes everything. Baptism is going public in saying that Jesus is Lord of your life....

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Session 5

Do You Need to be Baptized Again?

Big Idea: Doubts don’t have to keep you away from Jesus; they can drive you closer to Him. Am I really saved? Does God really w...

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Session 6

After You’ve Been Baptized, What’s Next?

Big Idea: Following Jesus isn’t easy, but it is simple. Baptism is a public symbol of our decision to trust and follow Jesus. In...

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Session 7

How Do You Figure Out What God Wants You to Do with Your Life?

The Big Idea: Reading the Bible won’t make you perfect, but it will help you make progress. Salvation and baptism are milestones...

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