There’s something exciting about spotting your team’s colors. It reminds you that you aren’t alone but among fellow Tigers, Gamecocks, or Commodores. That’s what it’s... Read More

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Devotionals From This Study

Session 1

What a kingdom mentality changes in you

When Jesus came back from the dead, it marked the beginning of a new kingdom. Death and sin no longer ruled. He overcame them both. Jesu...

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Session 2

What to do while we wait for Jesus to return

Do you remember how you felt leading up to Inauguration Day? Many of us will remember the months between the election and the inaugurati...

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Session 3

Who the church is really all about

Throughout the Old Testament, God’s people cried out for a king. And eventually, God gave them one. In the New Testament, God&rsquo...

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Session 4

Are you living with forever in mind?

Learning to live with a kingdom mentality means learning to live with forever in mind. When Jesus’ kingdom comes in fullness, life ...

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Session 5

How to know you’re living with a kingdom mentality

A man, locked in an unplugged walk-in freezer, imagined himself freezing to death and died as a result. Convinced he would die, the man b...

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Session 6

Where is your allegiance?

In elementary school, we learn the Bill of Rights and memorize the preamble to the Constitution. As American citizens, we have privilege...

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Session 7

Jesus’ kingdom is built by people like you

If you’re a baller, you play ball. If you’re a writer, you write. And if you’re a disciple, you make disciples. There&...

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