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Everyone can be ThankFULL

From How To Be ThankFULL: A 7-Day Devotional

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It’s easy to be thankful when life is good. We say thank you for our new home, friendships, or the promotion at work. But what about when life is hard? 

The writer of this psalm recounts seasons of life that didn’t lend themselves to thankfulness.  But even in difficult life experiences, he continues to give thanks to God. The writer isn’t thankful because life is without hardship, but because God is right there in the middle of it. The overarching theme revolves around two promises: God is good and his love endures forever. 

Like the psalmist, we can be thankful in all seasons because God is always good. On this side of heaven, life won’t always be easy (John 16:33). However, we have a God that loves us and will never leave us no matter what life throws our way (Deuteronomy 31:6).  

In good times, we can be thankful for the blessings. The new house, friendships, and promotion should be celebrated.  However, in the moments of despair, waiting, and grief we can still be thankful. We can be thankful we worship a good God that loves us, will never leave us, and can meet us right where we are.


  • What are some blessings you can pause and thank God for?
  • Is there any area in your life currently (or in the past) where you held back thankfulness because life was difficult?
  • Like the psalmist, how does clinging to God’s promises in the midst of hard times change your outlook?

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