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Is The Answer Right In Front Of You?


Ruth 2:1-2

There’s a story about a preacher who was drowning in the lake. A fisherman came by in a boat and asked, “Need some help?” The preacher replied, “No thanks, I’m waiting for the Lord to save me.” A short time later, another boat came by, and the captain said, “Hang on, I’ll throw you a line!” The preacher said, “No thanks, I’m waiting for the Lord to save me.” The preacher drowned, and when he stood before God, he asked, “Why didn’t you save me?” “Son,” God replied, “I sent you two boats!”

We can be easily confused about God’s will. Often, God has already given us the means to answer our prayer but we miss it because we’re waiting for a special delivery from heaven itself.

Ruth and Naomi found themselves in desperate straits in Ruth 2. They had returned home to find their farm owned by someone else and no means of income. They were hungry and needed food. Would God provide for them? Absolutely! But he did it by helping Ruth and Naomi see what was within their power to do. They were hungry, and their next step was to go to work, not wait on express mail from Heaven. Ruth worked all day from “early morning” (Ruth 2:7) through the heat of the day, gathering leftovers. Then, after the sun went down, she beat her gatherings into grain. God provided the opportunity, but Ruth had to take the initiative and do her very best to realize His provision.


  • Who has God told you to invite to church? Are you actively pursuing them?
  • If you are struggling financially, are you waiting to win the lottery or seeking godly counsel and changing your habits?
  • What sin or addiction are you struggling with that you need to go to someone about instead of waiting for a magical, instant turnaround? 

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