Have you ever met someone who talks a good game but doesn’t follow through?  After a while, you stop believing anything that person has to say. Up until the resurrection, James thought ... Read More

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Devotionals From This Study

Session 1

What to do when darkness comes

Need proof that God can bring something good from enduring, abiding, and pressing forward through challenges? Look no further than the bu...

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Session 2

How to bridge the gap from knowing to doing

In every company or organization, there is a gap between what we know and what we do. One group of researchers describe it this way: &ldq...

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Session 3

What happens when you only follow the parts of the Bible you like

Obeying the law is black and white. The rules are the rules, and we cannot choose which laws to obey and which to ignore. If you choose t...

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Session 4

Are you all talk and no action?

Have you ever met a fair weather fan? You know the type. It’s the guy who talks a good game, but leaves early when the weather gets...

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Session 5

How to get your foot out of your mouth

You’ve said the wrong thing. You’re horrified as you realize the words that just came out of your mouth and wonder how you co...

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Session 6

What would Jesus tweet?

Even in Christian circles, we think of wise people as the ones who can tweet out something profound in 140 characters or less. However, w...

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Session 7

When following Jesus seems too hard

Have you ever felt like it is you against the world? You chose to follow Jesus, and now life just seems too hard. No one seems to underst...

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Session 8

Here one minute, gone the next

It’s cold.  There’s a wind winding through the leafless branches of a tree nearby while you stand on your front porch, a...

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Session 9

What kind of wealth are you building?

How many times have we driven past a larger house in our neighborhood and wished for more? Or envied a celebrity we see on our television...

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Session 10

This is how you find healing

Confession. The term stirs up memories. A day at court. Being a child caught in the wrong.  A counseling session. Whatever the memor...

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