Session 18

God is shaping you for something great

From Jeremiah: A 33-Day Devotional

Have you ever seen clay before it becomes a bowl or vase? Clay is an earthy material, thicker and slimier than mud. But in a potter’s hands, it’s the beginning of something beautiful.

This relationship between the potter and the clay resembles our relationship with God. Before we know God, we are like a pile of unmolded clay. When we yield to God’s leading, He gives our life value and purpose, the same way a potter gives clay value and purpose.

In Jeremiah 18, the Lord uses this example of a potter and clay to warn the people of Judah about the consequences of their sin. When the people stopped being molded by God, they became distracted and ultimately, conquered by sin. When Jeremiah spoke to them, they replied, “We will continue with our own plans; we will all follow the stubbornness of our evil hearts” (Jeremiah 18:12).

Just like the potter did what seemed best to him, God always does what seems best to Him — not what seems best to us. God is just and loving. He is powerful and merciful. He does not lash out at us when we sin, but He will not stand for it either.

More than anything, God wants us to know Him and to follow Jesus’ example. If anything is distracting us from following Jesus, our all-powerful God will do whatever it takes to lead us to change. Even if it’s painful. God loves us too much to let us stay the way we are: full of sin and searching for purpose.


  • What’s one area of your life where you need to fully surrender to Jesus so that He can freely mold you as it seems best to Him?
  • What are some distractions in your life that prevent you from knowing Jesus in a deeper way? How can you get rid of them?
  • Is a sin in your life hindering you from taking your next step? The best way to overcome sin is to confess it out loud. Who can you trust to talk with about this issue? If you can’t think of anyone, come to the Care Room on Sunday. We have staff and volunteers who would love to pray with you and for you.

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God is shaping you for something great

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Session 29

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Session 33

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