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From Journey To Change

All of us have reached a point where we desperately needed help. Whether it’s help with relationships, finances or life decisions, there are challenges we can’t face alone. It’s easy to say we have faith that God will bring us through struggles. It’s far more difficult to walk through conflict trusting He will take care of us.

Bartimaeus was a blind roadside beggar who cried for help when he heard Jesus was walking by. There’s no record Bartimaeus had ever met Jesus or interacted with Him before but Bartimaeus believed something about Jesus even before he encountered Him. Bartimaeus sensed he needed Jesus’ mercy and he asked Jesus to do something. He wanted Jesus to do a miracle in his life by restoring his sight.

Despite others telling him to be quiet, Bartimaeus continued to beg Jesus for healing until He did it. Jesus changed Bartimaeus’ life by restoring his sight. After he was healed, Bartimaeus immediately followed Jesus, using his newfound vision to participate in the work Jesus was doing.

With even the smallest amount of faith, God can work the most amazing miracles.

With even the smallest amount of faith, God can work the most amazing miracles. God hears the cries of broken people and heals us in His timing. Let’s not be like the naysayers in verse 48, discouraging those around us from begging God for help. And let’s not give up ourselves in asking God to work miracles in our lives. Jesus loves when people seek Him with the faith that He will change their lives.


  • What miracle are you asking God for today?
  • How can we continue to walk with Jesus in faith, even though we don't know when God will show up with a miracle?
  • Do you tend to be a critic and naysayer or a positive supporter of others? Why or why not? 

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