Session 17

Joseph of Arimathea

From Journey To Change

Sometimes we carve out a portion of our lives and choose to live it differently than the rest. What we fail to realize is half-hearted obedience is really disobedience. God does not mean for us to go through life wearing a mask for certain people or in certain settings. He calls us to live honestly.

After Jesus’ death, Joseph of Arimathea goes public with his faith. He is remembered for stepping out in faith to claim the body of Jesus, but what might he have missed out on because he delayed?

Joseph was a secret disciple. As one of Israel’s wealthy religious elite, it was dangerous for Joseph to associate with Jesus. It was not until Jesus’ crucifixion that Joseph was willing to risk a public association. Fear and hesitation caused Joseph to miss out on three years of miracles and life change.

What are you missing out on because of an unwillingness to go public for Jesus?

What are you missing out on because of an unwillingness to go public for Jesus? Imagine looking back at your life and realizing that you missed countless opportunities to be a part of God’s miracles on earth. This is Joseph of Arimathea’s story. He knew Jesus, but missed being a part of many of the miracles Jesus did during His ministry.


  • Are you the same person at work or home on Monday as your are at church on Sunday? What’s stopping you?
  • What changes do you need to make to live consistently for Jesus in all areas of your life?
  • Who can support and encourage you as you commit to living for Jesus everywhere, all the time? 

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