Session 19


From Journey To Change


Matthew 4:18-20, 16:18

Wake up, go to work or school, come home, go to sleep, and repeat. Falling into a routine is normal. But God wants more than normal for us. God wanted more than normal for Peter.

When Peter first met Jesus, he was casting nets into the Sea of Galilee. Fishermen in Peter’s day were the equivalent of high school dropouts. Peter’s daily routine probably went something like this: wake up, cast a net, catch some fish, come home, sleep and repeat.

This all changed when Jesus told Peter, “Come, follow me” (Matthew 4:19). Peter didn’t hesitate. He dropped his nets and followed Jesus.

It isn’t until Jesus calls us to something greater that we realize how limiting our expectations for our lives can be.

Peter wanted a new, more purposeful life, but he couldn’t find that life until he met Jesus. It isn’t until Jesus calls us to be something or someone greater that we realize how limiting the expectations we have for our lives can be. By dropping his nets and following Jesus, Peter learned God had great plans for his life. “...You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church” (Matthew 16:18).

No longer was Peter a dropout. He became the foundation for the church and led thousands of believers as the Gospel spread across the earth.


  • Are you stuck in a rut? What do you need to do to break free? 
  • Are you lowering your expectation of what God wants to do in you? If so, how? 
  • What is Jesus calling you to? What step do you need to take to begin following Him? 

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