Session 5

The Rich Man

From Journey To Change

A wealthy man approached Jesus and asked what he could do to inherit eternal life. The man sensed that Jesus was a good teacher, and wanted help because his lifestyle of riches and rules left him empty.

When Jesus told the wealthy man to sell his belongings, give to the poor and follow Him, the man left saddened because he loved his possessions. The wealth he had gathered became a barrier to following Jesus.

Some people don't change right away when they meet Jesus. Change can be a process, not just a moment. Jesus wanted to change the wealthy man’s life, but He wanted the man to want to change. Unfortunately, the man resisted change when Jesus called him into a better life.

Our identity is shaped by our provider, not our possessions.

God wants us to live completely devoted to Him, not chained to our possessions or status. Our identity is shaped by our provider, not our possessions.

Jesus is better than our possessions. God has generously given us Jesus, and He asks us to dedicate ourselves to Him, because God wants to do amazing things with our lives.


  • Do any of your possessions steal your affection from Jesus?
  • What’s holding you back from taking your next step in following Jesus?
  • How prepared are you for change? What can you do now to be ready for when and how Jesus calls you to change? 

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