Spend enough time reading online, and you may wonder if people are following Jesus. How is it possible for Christians to have such different ideas about their faith? The gap between who others say... Read More

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Session 1

How to fight for your faith

What gets you fired up? Maybe it’s a political party, a sports team, or time with family. When we love something or someone, we passionat...

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Session 2

Why looking back helps you move forward

When Facebook released “On This Day” — a feature that reminds us of snapshots and status updates from one, two or more years ago — it was...

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Session 3

Don’t be the know it all

We all have that friend, neighbor, coworker or family member who is convinced they know everything. They always have answers, and when so...

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Session 4

Three ways to identify a liar

The low battery chirping signal of the smoke alarm is a constant reminder that we are placing ourselves and our families in danger. Don’t...

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Session 5

Two ways to build your faith

Growing up, a lot of us played with building blocks — pieces of wood in all different shapes that could build all different things. You c...

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Session 6

How mercy points us in the right direction

When was the last time you were lost in a dark, unfamiliar place? When we are completely lost, disorientation and fear can leave us feeli...

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Session 7

Are you getting good advice?

When we’re faced with a big decision, our first instinct is often to seek others’ advice. It is tempting to only call the friends who we ...

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