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Busyness can cost you the best part of living

From Luke: A 24-Day Devotional


Luke 10

The Duck Dynasty picture of growing up in the South wasn’t far from the truth for a lot of us. Grandma thrived on cooking hearty meals for the family. Fried chicken was a favorite at Sunday dinner. The chicken was usually pecking around in the yard the day before, and there were two of just about everything, except the neck and gizzard.

Families gathered around the table as Mama doled out the fried chicken. The men got the big white-meat pieces, older kids got the choice thigh pieces and legs, and wings went to the little kids. Mothers ate the neck and sometimes the gizzard. They made sure everyone else got the best parts of the chicken.

In Luke 10, Jesus sends out 72 missionaries to prepare the cities for His visitation. Next, He tells a story about what it means to be a good neighbor. Then, during a visit in the home of two sisters, Martha and Mary, Jesus says something we can relate back to that chicken.

As Martha scurried around and fretted over the details of His visit, Mary just sat at Jesus' feet and listened and learned. But rather than scolding Mary for not helping her sister, Jesus said Mary had chosen the best part (Luke 10:42). In our everyday spiritual choices, Jesus—like Mama—wants to be sure we get the best part.

Instead of worrying about your finances, trust the Lord to provide enough. Trust is the best part. Instead of being bothered by what people think or say, look to the Lord for your security. Identity in Him is the best part. Instead of fretting over the details of life, rest in the Lord, and He will give you peace. Rest in Jesus is the best part.

If you spend time with Jesus and look to Him for all you need, you will always have the best part of life.


  • Do you identify with Martha or Mary in this story?
  • Are you are settling for less than Jesus' best in any area of your life?
  • What is one way you can spend quality time listening and learning from Jesus?

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