What breaks your heart? What makes you say, “Somebody should really do something about that?” Maybe that somebody is you. We are all called to make a difference. We might think w... Read More

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Session 1

What Breaks Your Heart?

Nehemiah’s story started with a burden. He saw the condition of Jerusalem’s wall and knew the situation was desperate. Without a wall, pe...

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Session 2

What Are You Doing About It?

Nehemiah prayed and waited. Then it happened. At just the right moment, Nehemiah was able to speak with the king. The king opened doors a...

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Session 3

Every Little Bit Matters

We were not designed to bear burdens alone. When we see the brokenness in the world, the solutions seem overwhelming. A God-sized vision ...

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Session 4

Get Ready For Battle

Nehemiah realized his opposition posed a real and menacing threat. In order to stay ready, Nehemiah had the people keep their swords clos...

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Session 5

Integrity Makes A Difference

Nehemiah faced a difficult choice. The people’s vineyards, lands, and houses were at risk because of outrageous taxes imposed by the king...

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Session 6

The Critics Are Coming

Anytime you want to make a difference, there will be critics. Every difference maker faces opposition. Nehemiah experienced resistance fi...

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Session 7

But I’m Not Qualified

Have you ever had an opportunity that in the moment—or perhaps even in hindsight—didn’t seem deserved? The skills you had didn’t seem lik...

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Session 8

It’s Time To Move Past Your Shame

The people wept over how far they had walked away from God. Then Ezra, a teacher of the law, and Nehemiah, the governor, told them to mov...

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Session 9

God’s Not Scared Of Your Mess

How do you picture God? Is He angry, vengefully looking to punish your next mistake? That’s a different god than the God Nehemiah descri...

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Session 10

Making A Difference As A Church

When the people in Jerusalem said, “We will not neglect the house of our God,” they committed to observe the sacrifices and offerings req...

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Session 11

You Are Not A Number

Why do you suppose Nehemiah records so many names in his account of those returning to settle in Jerusalem? The names serve to focus our ...

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Session 12

Celebration Makes A Difference

Jerusalem’s wall was finished in 52 days. Amazing! Nehemiah made plans to celebrate. Nehemiah passed out assignments, organized the peopl...

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Session 13

Obeying When It’s Hard

After celebrating the completion of Jerusalem’s wall, Nehemiah finds and excludes all people who are of foreign descent. What is going on...

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