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No-Risk Guarantee

Lose 30 pounds in 30 days, NO-RISK GUARANTEE!
Own your dream home, no money down, NO-RISK GUARANTEE!
Invest in your own Reality TV show, NO-RISK GUARANTEE!

We find comfort and security in believing we can obtain something of great value with little or no risk.  We like the idea of not losing anything and the promise of no pain. This “no-risk” approach does not work, however, when we invest ourselves in telling others the amazing truth that Jesus can bring them from death to life. Sharing that message always involves risk:  risk of mockery, risk of rejection, risk of offending, risk of persecution and in some cases risk of imprisonment or even death.

Acts 5:17-42 shares that Peter and other Christ-followers risked imprisonment and even death in order to tell the crowds in Jerusalem that Jesus came to provide forgiveness of all sins and to deliver them from death to eternal life.  The New Testament is full of other accounts of Christ-followers risking everything in order to tell others about Jesus Christ. These Christ-followers knew that “finding people” did not come with a “no-risk guarantee.”  They risked everything, knowing they could lose it all, even their lives. 

Why were they willing to do that? Because found people find people. They had experienced death-to-life transformation in Christ, so they were absolutely driven to share that good news with other people. Like those early Christ-followers, when we meet and embrace Jesus as Lord, we discover that we simply must tell others the wonderful news, even with great risk!


  • Have you met and embraced Jesus?  He provides unconditional love, forgiveness for sin, and eternal life!
  • In your daily life path, who needs you to take a risk and tell them about Jesus’s love and healing for their lives?

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