We never expect it when the dark times hit. When we’re blindsided by the most difficult moments of life, often the first question we ask is, “Where are you, God?” Jesus’ f... Read More

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Devotionals From This Study

Session 1

Clarity In The Dark

The Big Idea: Knowing who Jesus is starts by letting go of who we think He should be. The Jews always believed the coming Messiah wou...

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Session 2

Finding The Way Out

The Big Idea: When things aren't going the way we planned, the best thing we can do is the last thing God told us to do. Jesus un...

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Session 3

Fixing What’s Broken

The Big Idea: Our greatest opportunities for growth start when we're most aware of how far we have to go. From the beginning of J...

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Session 4

It’s Never Too Late For A Comeback

The Big Idea: Darkness can never separate us from Jesus' ability to restore us. If you asked Peter how strong his faith was, he wo...

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Session 5

Hope When All Seems Lost

The Big Idea: Hope is about focusing not on what we can see, but on what God will do. Imagine what it was like to watch God die. Jesu...

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Session 6

Overcoming Fear With Faith

The Big Idea: God doesn’t just want to remove our fear; He wants to help us overcome it. Jesus’ friends had given up hope...

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