Session 8

A few good reasons to celebrate

From Gauntlet: An 8-Day Prayer Guide

Today is all about celebration. We’re celebrating students’ decisions to follow Jesus by cheering them on in baptism. We’re celebrating the parents and friends who came to church today, perhaps for the first time, because a student invited them.

We’re celebrating repentance, next steps, answered prayers, and new friendships. In the last week, God has done immeasurably more than we ever imagined!

God calls all of us to tell the next generation who He is and what He’s done. That’s the power of Gauntlet. When students hear the truth of God’s Word, it doesn’t just change their lives. It affects everyone around them and everyone who will come after them (Psalm 78:6).

Today, we pray that these students “would not be like their ancestors — a stubborn and rebellious generation, whose hearts were not loyal to God, whose spirits were not faithful to him” (Psalm 78:8).

And, we celebrate you for praying with us all week! When men and women who have been made right with God commit to prayer, change happens (James 5:16). Just look around your campus. The family of God is growing as students are being saved, set free, and discovering their purpose in life.

How to Pray Today:

  • Pray for everyone coming to NewSpring for the first time, specifically that they would see something different about this place and keep coming back.
  • Pray for adults in the church to understand the importance of investing in the next generation.
  • Pray for the momentum from Gauntlet to be used as a catalyst for more life change.

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A few good reasons to celebrate

Today is all about celebration. We’re celebrating students’ decisions to follow Jesus by cheering them on in baptism. We&rsqu...

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