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What happens in Daytona doesn’t stay in Daytona

From Gauntlet: An 8-Day Prayer Guide

A sophomore in high school stands in the front of the bus, looking out at the rows of students and leaders. Microphone in hand, she shares what Jesus has done in her life the past few days.

When she sits down, she passes the mic to another student who talks about returning to a broken situation at home with renewed hope. She can face trouble at home because she knows her Savior will be there with her. More stories follow as tears flow. As a result of the testimonies they hear, two girls decide to ask Jesus into their lives on the highway between Florida and South Carolina.

Every year, we see life change happening on the bus ride home. The students returning today are different people than they were when they left on Monday. They are full of hope and walking in freedom.

One of the best ways to keep that momentum going is to continue investing in the relationships that started at Gauntlet. Like Ecclesiastes 4:9 says, “It’s better to have a partner than go it alone” (MSG).  

Over the past week, every student met someone they clicked with. Today, we’re praying for those relationships to continue, and for the miracles we saw this week to be the beginning of change in our students, our schools, and our communities.

How to Pray Today:

  • Pray for everyone to arrive home safely.
  • Pray for students to boldly share what Jesus has done in their lives and for continued breakthroughs on the bus ride home.
  • Pray for the relationships built this week to continue long after the trip.

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