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Real or Fake?

My mom has a green thumb, but all the plants in her house are fake. Because they look so nice, people often ask, “Are those real?” To which she replies, “No, they’re fake. I just dust them off once in awhile.”

A fake plant may look like the real thing, but when you get close you can discern its true nature. It may be beautiful and require little work, but it has no life. It cannot grow or blossom, nor does it have roots. There is no pleasure in caring for it, for it will be the same whether you sing to it or spit on it.

Real plants are rooted firmly in the ground. A little water will perk them up when they begin to whither. Real plants grow and change, and there is pleasure in the watering and pruning because it yields beauty that is the more special for the process.

“Church people” are like these plants. Without Jesus, we are stagnant. We play at looking nice, but we have no firm foundation or nourishment to help us grow. But when we are rooted in Jesus we are real, taking pleasure in the water of the Word, in the pruning of trials, because we know that by them our faith blossoms.

He is the vine and we are the branches, which cannot grow unless they abide in Him. Even a beautiful fake plant will someday rot, and nothing can revive it. As Christians, we all are given green thumbs. When we water, prune and revive our relationship with Jesus, He will water, prune and revive us. Sure, it takes more effort, but “if you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit” (John 15:5).

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