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Rescued For A Relationship


Psalm 40

You enjoy your home, and the car is nice, but the payments are a burden. Maybe, there is the student loan and some credit card debt added to the mix. You work hard to stay ahead of the obligations, but the interest grows and you feel the weight of the debt hanging over your head like a great stone suspended by a mere thread.

It’s easy to feel that way about our sin as well, but unlike these financial obligations, when God saves us, there is no form of repayment required from us.

David sings praises to God for lifting him “out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire” (Psalm 40:2). Like David, we were all born into sin, yet God rescued us from the debt that comes with it. He sent His son Jesus, who paid our sin debt when He died on the cross, yet He does not require any payment in return.

So then, what is the reason for this rescue? It is for a relationship with Him. God desires for us to spend time with Him and know the wonders He has planned for us (Psalm 40:5).

Just like paying for our home, car, or credit cards, we often feel that God requires some payment for rescuing us. The fact is Jesus paid our debt in full, and we do not have to, and cannot, work to repay it. The only thing that God desires from us are ears that are open to hearing His voice, hearts that are obedient to His will, and voices that share the good news of His love with others (Psalm 40:6-10).


  • What is one thing you are doing now that shows an attitude of works, rather than relying God’s grace?
  • What is one way you can live in the truth of God’s grace this week? Is your next step to start a relationship with Jesus?
  • Who is one person you can share the good news of God’s love with this week?

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