Session 2

My God, My Father

From Salvation Rise

Listen to “My God, My Father” then read the following. 

You might have a great relationship with your dad. Or maybe you’ve never met him. No matter what kind of father you grew up with, at some point every dad breaks a promise, fails to protect his family or neglects them altogether. Humans are imperfect, but God the Father is not.

Deciding to follow Jesus means we have a relationship with God as our father. He is the best version of a father we can imagine. Think about what the perfect father would be like. How would he treat his children?

God is the one who made us, the one who knows the most about us and the one who cares the most about us. He protects us and helps us grow. When we go off course, God warns us and disciplines us for our own good. God doesn’t reject us when we fail. Falling short is inevitable, but God’s love is inescapable.

Once you commit to following Jesus, God will always be your father and you will always be His child. If you stopped talking to your biological dad tomorrow, it wouldn’t change the fact that he’s your father. The same is true of our relationship with God. Even if our fellowship is damaged, the relationship does not end.

God doesn’t give up on His kids. He helps us through tough times and corrects us when we need it. There’s no one better to run to.

Is there part of your life that you haven’t given to God?

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