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Seeking Approval


Job 11:1-13:12

Have you ever experienced a time when no one understood what you were going through? Maybe your parents couldn’t relate to your life at school. Maybe your friends didn’t support your dreams and ambitions. Maybe your spouse didn’t understand the stress you were under at work. It’s safe to assume that, at one time or another, we’ve all felt misunderstood.

In Job 4, we see that Job’s friends cannot understand what he is going through. After losing everyone and everything he cares about, Job is left to wallow in his sorrow and despair with only three friends at his side. But these friends aren’t as supportive as we would expect them to be. Instead, they question Job’s understanding of his situation, they stress their belief that his loss is a result of sin, and they completely disregard Job’s intimate and personal relationship with God.

It would be easy for Job to give up. It would be tempting for him to agree with his friends, forget about pursuing God, and instead focus on everything that’s gone wrong. But Job chooses to act differently. Because he knows his relationship with his Heavenly Father is personal and intimate, Job tells his friends, “what you know, I also know; I am not inferior to you. But I desire to speak to the Almighty and to argue my case with God” (Job 13:2-3).

Isn’t it wonderful that we don’t have to worry about what anyone else thinks about us? Those who are fully seeking the Lord can depend on Him for everything.

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