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Sneak Peek

I’m a book-peeker. I look ahead to see what the ending will be like. I guess I’m not a fan of surprises, and I want to make sure the book is going to end the way I want it to. Why waste my time reading a book that is going to leave me disappointed? We expect the loose ends to be tied up, the hero victorious and the bad guy to get exactly what he deserves.

Revelation is the ultimate sneak peek. Jesus allows us a glimpse of how the conflict with Satan will end. The Bible tells us in Revelation 20:10 Satan will be defeated, “thrown into the lake of burning sulfur. . . [and] be tormented for ever and ever.” The not so fun part? Revelation 20:15 says that any name not found in the book of life is thrown into that same lake.

Just as Satan’s defeat will one day be a reality, it’s also true that we will all stand before God one day and we will all spend eternity in either heaven or hell. When the judgment happens and the books are opened (Revelation 20:12), only those people who have put their trust in Jesus will be listed in the book of life. Do you know which book contains your name? How about your family and friends?

Jesus offers the hope of eternity with Him. Accept His gift and be certain your name is in the book of life.


  • Is your name in the book of life? Have you accepted Jesus' free gift of salvation?
  • Is there anyone in your life who needs to accept Jesus? 
  • Who can you invite to meet Jesus? 

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