Jesus brought hope to the world, including the outsiders, the non-religious, the people others overlooked. This Advent, meet 23 people Jesus brought near and rediscover the reason for the season.&n... Read More

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Session 1

God moves in extraordinary ways through ordinary people

Mary was an ordinary Hebrew girl. She blended in. She was part of the crowd. But God chose Mary to play an important role in His plan to ...

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Session 2

Are you ready to brave the wilderness?

John the Baptist chose the wilderness. He was a wild man, living off locusts and wild honey and calling people to repentance (Matthew 3:4...

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Session 3

What it looks like to welcome "whoever believes"

God’s Spirit led Philip to preach to people in Samaria, a group considered by the Jews to be unworthy. As Philip returns to Jerusalem, th...

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Session 4

The greatest transformation starts with an invitation

Matthew collected Roman tax from Jewish countrymen, family and friends and pocketed a little extra for himself. No one was glad to see hi...

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Session 5

Feeling overwhelmed by all the crowds?

During the holidays, shoppers seem to move through stores and lines without seeing others. With purchases in tow, they are focused on get...

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Session 6

The best way to help someone who’s torn between worlds

When you discover the world isn’t how you thought it was, it can leave you unbalanced, unsettled. That’s the feeling Nicodemus experience...

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Session 7

Know someone struggling with shame? You can help

Have you ever been so disappointed in yourself you can hardly stand to look in the mirror? Most of us have. The Samaritan Woman of J...

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Session 8

The way things are isn’t the way they have to be

Jesus healed the sick and hurting, cast out demons, and raised the dead. His reputation preceded him. People waited in anticipation of wh...

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Session 9

The one invitation you don’t want to say no to

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” or so we’re told. Every year, no matter how early we start celebrating, there’s never en...

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Session 10

Are you doing the right thing?

Every family has a rule follower. The person who insists on reading every instruction before playing a board game. The one who calls you ...

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Session 11

Are you giving the same grace you’ve received?

It’s easy to minimize our own shortcomings while passing judgment on others’ faults. Like Pharisees, we pass judgment until we realize we...

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Session 12

What stops you in your tracks?

Perhaps the Christmas season should make us more aware, but often we can become a bit numb to the needs around us. Every day, we walk pas...

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Session 13

What determines who you reach out to?

If we’re honest, there are people we’re tempted to avoid. In Jesus’ day, Zacchaeus was one of “those people.” Considered a traitor by his...

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Session 14

The best gift you can give someone this year

Each year, we try to make the holidays bigger and better than the year before. We peruse the aisles and spend hard-earned money on the pe...

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Session 15

Christmas is for everyone

Do you know someone who’s been written off by everyone? Chance after chance, they mess up. You’ve lost all hope that they could ever chan...

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Session 16

A precarious past doesn’t prevent a powerful future

Do you ever feel like an outcast or unworthy? Do you ever feel like your past holds you back from serving God the way you should? Maybe...

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Session 17

Under every rough exterior is a brother or sister

Over time, the culture of fishermen hasn’t changed much. Even in ancient Israel, they were considered the working class, crude, rough, an...

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Session 18

Your faith influences your family more than you think

Jesus had a devoted inner circle who could see He was more than just another rabbi. But the people who struggled the most to understand J...

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Session 19

What happens when you don’t like where God sends you?

Imagine you are working for a company, and you are excelling. Everything is going great until a competitor hires you away and tells you e...

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Session 20

Are you giving all you have to give?

Innate in all of us is the desire to be accepted and included. During the holidays, we prioritize Christmas parties, spending time with l...

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Session 21

Is tradition getting in the way?

Acts 10 tells the story of Cornelius, a Roman soldier who lived in Caesarea. Cornelius and his family followed God’s ways but did not kno...

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Session 22

How to deal with doubt and disbelief

It’s not surprising Thomas needed to see Jesus’ scars for himself. Thomas had given up everything to follow this man. Jesus was the ...

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Session 23

Breaking down social barriers begins with you

No matter how old you are or where you went to school, the social hierarchy of lunchrooms hasn’t changed. The athletes sit in one place. ...

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