For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 reminds us that Jesus came for all of us. God’s gre... Read More

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Session 1

God moves in extraordinary ways through ordinary people

Mary was an ordinary Hebrew girl. In a culture that did not esteem females, she was used to blending in and being a part of the crowd. Bu...

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Session 2

Are you ready to brave the wilderness?

XWhen Christians talk about a wilderness season, they are often describing a time of isolation, difficulty, or unrest. But for some of us...

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Session 3

What it looks like to welcome "whoever believes"

Have you ever met someone whose way of living challenged your way of thinking? Philip was one of those people.  Philip showed no favorit...

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Session 4

The greatest transformation starts with this invitation

It was a day like any other day. Matthew is sitting in his tax booth. It’s hot and dusty. No one is happy to see him. But he takes their ...

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Session 5

Feeling overwhelmed by all the crowds?

What thoughts come to mind when you hear, “Black Friday”?  Huge crowds, chaos, lines, and noise. During the holidays, shoppers seem to m...

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Session 6

The best way to help someone who’s torn between worlds

When was the last time you learned something that changed the way you see everything? Maybe it was the day you learned Santa isn’t real. ...

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Session 7

Know someone struggling with shame? You can help

Have you ever be so disappointed in yourself you can hardly stand to look in the mirror, much less face Jesus? Most of us have.  The wom...

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Session 8

The way things are isn’t the way they have to be

Jesus’ reputation preceded him. People in town heard all about what Jesus had done for the demon-possessed, dying, hurting, and sick. Peo...

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Session 9

The one invitation you don’t want to say no to

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” or so we’re told.  Every year, no matter how early we start celebrating, there’s never enoug...

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Session 10

Are you feeding the negativity?

From the music and lights to gatherings with delicious food, Christmas is a time to enjoy family and friends and celebrate the birth of J...

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Session 11

Are you giving the same grace you’ve received?

The easiest way to distract from our own secrets and shortcomings is to draw attention to someone else’s. It’s why women will pick on the...

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Session 12

What stops you in your tracks?

Think about the biggest parade you’ve ever seen. It starts with a band, maybe some clowns on bikes, a few pageant queens. Then, the grand...

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Session 13

Who is guiding who you reach out to?

Think about how you respond when you see a homeless person holding a cardboard sign, a prostitute walking down the street, or a group of ...

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Session 14

The best gift you can give someone this year

Each year, we try to make the holidays bigger and better than the year before. We peruse the aisles and spend hard-earned money for the p...

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Session 15

Christmas is for everyone

Have you ever known someone who fails you so often you’re ready to write them off? Chance after chance, they mess up and you’re losing al...

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Session 16

A precarious past doesn’t prevent a powerful future

Do you ever try to avoid people at work, church, or even in your neighborhood because of their past?   Maybe you steer your child away f...

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Session 17

Under every rough exterior is a brother or sister

Ever seen an episode of “Deadliest Catch”? Raging seas, dirty men trying to haul in large nets full of fish. Maybe a crude word flying ev...

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Session 18

Your faith influences your family more than you think

Jesus spoke to large crowds and had a devoted inner circle who could see He was more than just another rabbi. But the people who struggle...

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Session 19

What happens when you don’t like where God sends you?

Imagine you are working for a company, and you are excelling. Everything is going great until a competitor hires you away and tells you e...

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Session 20

Are you giving all you have to give?

Innate in all of us is the desire to be accepted and included. During the holidays, this often looks like being invited to Christmas part...

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Session 21

Who does tradition stop you from reaching?

Acts 10 tells the story of Cornelius, a Roman soldier who lived in Caesarea. Cornelius and his family followed God’s ways but did not kno...

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Session 22

How to deal with doubt and disbelief

When was the last time someone let you down? Maybe your boss promised a promotion, then passed you over for someone else. Maybe your spou...

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Session 23

Breaking down social barriers begins with you

Think back to your high school lunchroom. No matter how old you are or where you went to school, the social hierarchy of lunchrooms hasn’...

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