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The Best Weapon

David, a small boy, faced the giant Goliath to defend his people. King Saul offered his own armor to David, but it was very heavy for him. Instead he went out in his own clothes with a staff, five stones and his sling. Why wouldn’t he gear up as a soldier? It seems foolish. During the fight, David’s real weapon becomes obvious: the full power of God.

We have the same power to fight against our enemy, Satan, through a relationship with Jesus. The world may not understand why we take different steps against our problems than others would, but we do so because we are fighting with different weapons. Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 remind us where our power comes from, that our weapons are not from this world.

Fighting in our own power is too heavy. When we accept Jesus’s forgiveness He arms us for battle, lifting the heavy burden by empowering us to “demolish strongholds.”

What does this mean? When a wrong thought enters our mind, we can fight against it with our will or take it captive through God’s Word. When an opportunity for advancement at work means compromising what is right, we can rationalize taking it or “demolish arguments.” When we begin to think too much of ourselves we can continue in pride or submit to God and serve as Jesus would. Fight your battles with the power God has made available to you!


  • The power for living is found in relationship with Jesus. Have you accepted His forgiveness and leadership?
  • Is there a battle you are trying to fight with armor the world offers?
  • How can you use the Bible to defeat lies and wrong mindsets? (Hebrews 4:12)

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