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The Only Way To Be Free

What is freedom? Men and women fight and die for it every day. We say America is the “land of the free,” and from a physical perspective, that is mostly true. We are free to make our own decisions, free to speak and free to worship. However, many of us still walk around as slaves to sin. Romans 6:22 tells us we are only set free from the slavery of our sin when we repent of it and commit to following Jesus.

John 3:16 says a decision to follow Jesus brings with it eternal life. It brings freedom from sin and from death. When we ask Jesus to be Lord of our lives, we belong to Him, and we are promised eternal life with Him in Heaven. However, He also wants us to live abundantly while we are still on this earth. We can have that by listening to Jesus and doing what He says step by step. How do we hear Him? By reading the Bible, praying and sharing our lives with other Christians.

Jesus wants us to grow closer to Him and more like Him over time. Following Jesus step by step is a lifelong process, but it is worth the pursuit because the result is a life well-lived.


  • Are you free from your sin? You can be today by repenting of your sin and committing to follow Jesus. Learn more about freedom in Jesus here.
  • What next step is Jesus telling you to take that will draw you closer to Him? How can you begin to take that step today?

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