Jesus made a lot of claims about Himself during His time on Earth. Some so bold that people stopped following Him.  One of the most audacious claims Jesus made is that He is “the way an... Read More

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Devotionals From This Study

Session 1

Two common mistakes we make about salvation

Think about the last time you heard of a deal that was too good to be true. One of two thoughts probably popped in your mind:  1. Th...

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Session 2

What it looks like to experience a new life

Remember when you were a kid how fun it was to get really dirty? We’re talking grime in your nose, eyes, mouth, hair, and ears. Dir...

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Session 3

How knowing the truth changes you

Have you ever stared at a Magic Eye picture, knowing there is something there, but all you see are blurry lines and colors? Some can see ...

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Session 4

How the Gospel continues to change us

Whether you asked Jesus into your life as an adult, were led in prayer by a camp counselor as a teen, or met Jesus as a ch...

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Session 5

Where you’ll find the peace you’re looking for

Every day, we move from task to task, checking items off our ever-growing to-do lists. But no matter how much we check off, we can still ...

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Session 6

This is not as good as it gets

Suffering, hunger, and pain are part of living in a broken world. If we are not in a season of suffering, we know someone who is. S...

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Session 7

Where you’ll find real freedom

Most of us think freedom is the right to decide our will. For example, we think about freedom of speech, freedom in how we parent and&nbs...

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Session 8

You don’t have to wander anymore

When is the last time you were lost trying to get somewhere on time? It is not a good feeling. We use tools to find our way back on ...

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Session 9

Why what you think about Jesus matters

“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” In court, a witness answers this question,...

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Session 10

Jesus is more than a good teacher

Where Matthew, Mark, and Luke all start with recognizable narrative, John speaks about the Word, who is a person. The Word is alongside G...

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Session 11

Where do you go for answers?

In a world that is always chasing the next “new thing,” we can wear ourselves out trying to keep up with what's in and wh...

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Session 12

How to know if what someone says about God is true

Everyone has an opinion about what our life should look like and the choices we should make. With so much noise around us, others' vo...

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