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Undeserved Grace

Have you ever noticed how many different denominations and religious opinions there are in the world? Some denominations even have denominations within their denomination. Ever wondered why?

One reason may be that parts of the Bible are interpreted to mean one thing to one group of people and another thing to a different group of people. When people disagree, they go their separate ways. Or in this case, they go off and start another church or denomination where they can be free to believe how they choose.

In Acts 15, a group of believers belonging to a sect of the Pharisees believed that the Gentiles (non-Jewish people) must be circumcised if they wanted to become Christians. Paul and Barnabas disagreed, and a heated argument began.

After much debate and discussion, Peter got up to address the group. At the end of his short speech he says this: “We believe that we are all saved the same way, by the undeserved grace of the Lord Jesus” (Acts 15:11 NLT).

And that’s the bottom line. We are all saved by the undeserved grace of Jesus Christ--everything else is petty and insignificant compared to that. So the next time your neighbor or co-worker tries to debate some religious topic with you, you can refer to Acts 15:11. At the end of the day, we are all saved by grace!


  • Have you ever gotten into an argument with another believer over some theological subject? How did it end?
  • How do you handle conversations with your friends or family members who go to other churches on some of these controversial topics?

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