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God is just

From What is God Like? A 21-Day Devotional


Psalm 75

We have no shortages of being hurt, failed, and scorned in life. The question to ponder is who do we trust to rescue us in our time of need? Who do we turn to and lean on when we are unsure which direction we are being pulled? Who can we rely on to serve justice when we desperately want to do so ourselves?

Psalm 75 describes God as the ultimate judge — righteous, holy, fair, and equitable in all things. God is the only one capable of righting every wrong, the only one we can trust to always do the right thing.

God is powerful, mighty, and capable of all things. But He doesn’t wield his might carelessly. One day, His Son, Jesus, will return to earth to deliver judgment and bring Christians to His heavenly home where we will dwell with Him forever.

We can praise God in good times and bad times, through successes and disappointments, because we know that He will set things right. One day, God will “cut off the horns of all the wicked, but the horns of the righteous will be lifted up” (Psalm 75:10).

We must rely on the mercy of the only One who is able to turn all that is upside down right side up.   

Our response to betrayal and hurt should be to run to the Lord, the only One able to calm our fears and provide assurance and promises us hope for redemption.  When the going gets tough, we must rely on the mercy of the only One who is able to turn all that is upside down right side up.   


  • Does viewing God as just and holy change the way you handle hurt and betrayal? How can you move forward knowing God will take all that is wrong and make it right?
  • How does viewing God as fair and righteous change the way you interact with others?

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