Session 8

God is our Father

From What is God Like? A 21-Day Devotional

Have you ever had a relationship with someone that made you feel special? People with “connections” get special treatment. They might get backstage passes to a concert, access to a VIP lounge with a buffet, or the best seats at a game. Those kinds of associations turn us into somebody, not on our merit, but based on who we know.

In the Bible, we are told over and over that when we accept Jesus, we become children of God.

In the Bible, we are told over and over that when we accept Jesus, we become children of God. Wow, that is some connection! What other religion or belief system offers adoption by the creator of the world (Romans 8:15-17)?

The Bible also says we can cry out to God as “Abba, Father” (Romans 8:15). That is an intimate term that is similar to the word, “Daddy.” If we have God as our daddy, it changes our approach to Him. We go from feeling like terrified slaves of an unknowable God to being children who can run up and sit in His lap to be loved on by and learn from Him. We see Him as someone to run to when in trouble rather than someone to hide from.

God as our daddy changes how we see ourselves too. When we see ourselves as a beloved child of God, we see ourselves as somebody who matters no matter where we sit in the stadium.


  • Do relationship issues with your earthly father keep you from seeing God as “Daddy”? How do you think spending time with “Abba” by reading the Bible and getting to know Him might correct your view of who He really is?
  • Have you made the connection with God to become His child? If you haven’t yet, you can right now.

Want to talk to someone about what it means to be God’s child and have a relationship with Jesus? Stop by the Care Room at your campus on Sunday, or connect with someone here.

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