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Why your story matters

Do you remember any stories your grandparents used to tell? Did you have a coach who invested in you during a difficult season of your life? What did your own family talk about around the dinner table? What did you celebrate together?

Our childhood and young adult years are important to God. Remembering our own experiences echoes the influence that a mentor can have during this time. The Bible is clear that it’s our responsibility as Christians to share our faith with the next generation.

In Joshua 4, Joshua illustrates this truth. He sets up a memorial to help the Israelites remember how God parted the waters so they could cross the Jordan into the Promised Land. Joshua also instructs them in the importance of telling their children what God did. Joshua himself was influenced by Moses' faith, and he modeled that mentoring in sharing his faith with the next generation.

We have an opportunity to  thank God for His provision by sharing our story with others.

When God moves in our lives, we have an opportunity to not only thank Him for His provision, but to share our story with others. In Joshua’s story and in Psalm 78, the Bible shows the importance of sharing our stories with the next generation.

Remembering the times in our lives when God answered specific prayer, gave comfort, provided, or showed grace, is vital in strengthening our own faith and the faith of others. Regardless of whether we are a grandparent, coach, teacher, neighbor, friend, or parent, we have been given a story to share.


  • Who invested in your own walk with Jesus when you were younger in your faith? How has that impacted you today?
  • Who is one person God has placed in your life in the next generation, and how can you build that relationship?
  • What is one story in your own walk with Jesus that needs to be shared?

Do you have a story of what God has done in your life that you would like to share? Find out more about sharing your story.

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