Session 259

Sep. 16, 2021

From Year of the Bible 2021

Faithful Generosity

Overview: Isaiah 17-18, 2 Corinthians 8

Isaiah reveals God’s judgment and grace as the Judge and Savior of all nations. He announces a series of oracles to Judah’s neighbors, showing that God holds all nations accountable for their actions. 

Isaiah continues his oracles for Syria and the northern kingdom of Israel. Israel will experience devastation because they trusted in Damascus (the capital of Syria) instead of the Lord their God. 

Paul exhorts the church to provide for the suffering believers in Jerusalem. He gives the example of the Macedonian believers’ generosity to encourage the Corinthian church. 

Generosity manifests the grace of God in our lives, to the glory of God in the world. The sacrificial offering Jesus made of Himself in our place is the ultimate call to giving for one another. This is our faithful response to God who has given us everything necessary for an abundant life.

In what ways is it difficult for you to give? Ask the Lord to reveal one area where you can honor Him through your giving today.

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