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You Are What You Eat

All of us know what it's like to be a teenager. Late nighters. Too much pizza. Too many sodas. We're growing like a weed, and we look like one. Bags under the eyes. Zits. Bad skin. Oily hair. A tendency to fall asleep anytime, anyplace, anywhere. We're growing, but it's almost despite ourselves.

In the same way, a burning passion to know Jesus more deeply can sometimes distract us from an awareness of what we need to healthily grow in relationship with Him.

Both the Apostle Paul and James both use the metaphor of a mirror to help us recognize the foundational reality that “growing people change.” In James 1:23-24, we see that the Bible's role in our lives is to show us who we really are, zits and all. That mirror also gives us a way of testing how well we share Christ's character and appearance, and whether we're growing into the “little Christs” Christians are supposed to be.

The Bible is “the bread of life,” — the spiritual milk and solid food that is essential for all spiritual growth. Passion, excitement and other forms of religious emotion can look like signs of growth, but they can also be fed by many things other than Jesus.

Even more importantly, we must bring a willingness to be changed by God's word. When we read the Bible, we should carefully examine what we see in the mirror to find our blemishes and every other tell-tale sign of unhealthiness. Without that seriousness about change, we'll be like the one James says, who “looks in the mirror and forgets what he sees” — a “hearer of the word and not a doer.”

Want to know how your relationship with Christ is doing? Can you look into the perfect mirror of God's word and see Christ reflected in your life?

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