Gauntlet Parent Info

Parent Meetings

As we get closer to Gauntlet, every campus will hold parent meetings. These meetings are designed to answer all your questions and equip you with everything you and your student need to know to have a great week.

From what to pack to where to park, you don’t want to miss this meeting. Plus, it’s a great chance to connect with the Fuse staff who will be hanging out with your student in Daytona Beach.

Special needs aren’t a barrier to sending your student to Gauntlet

NewSpring has a ministry for special needs students called Spring Zone. Trained and dedicated Spring Zone volunteers make sure every student has the opportunity to experience the best week of the summer.

How to Follow What’s Happening

To get text updates throughout the week, text GAUNTLET PARENT to 30303. We’ll also stream Gauntlet sessions every morning and evening here. Plus, you can follow what’s happening on social media:

Another great way to keep up with the trip is to join us in praying day by day for students and room leaders.


How do I make a payment toward my trip?

Visit and log in with the account credentials you created when you signed up. Click the Gauntlet link in the top left corner under Recent Registrations. This will bring you to a page where you can make another payment.

How can I contact my student if they don’t have their phone?

To get text updates throughout the week, text GAUNTLET PARENT to 30303. We’ll also post updates all week long on social media. So if you aren’t following Fuse on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, go ahead and do that now. You’ll see when buses arrive as well as pictures throughout the week.

In addition to the text group and social media, we have a Campus Safety phone number you can call in an emergency. You’ll get this number at parent meetings at your campus.

Why can’t my student take a phone?

We want Gauntlet to be a distraction-free week for students, and few things distract students as much as their phones. Over the years, we’ve found that taking students out of their regular routine opens them up to hear from Jesus in ways they haven’t before.

Do I have to come to the parent meeting if I went last year?

Yes. Every year, we make changes to Gauntlet so each year is better than the last. As a result, there are new details every year that you’ll want to know.

Can my student select their room leader or roommates?

You can request a room leader or roommate on the Gauntlet sign-up form. We do our best to accommodate roommate and room leader requests, but we cannot guarantee students will be in a room with the people they requested.

Will I know who my student’s room leader will be?

Students will learn who their room leader is on the bus ride to Gauntlet. We do this for two reasons:

  1. We are often finalizing rooming assignments right up until we leave. (For example, if a student wakes up sick on departure day and can’t make the trip, that might change rooming assignments for that campus.)
  2. We don’t want students to say no to Gauntlet because they didn’t get a certain room leader. We’ve seen so many great friendships start with, “We met when we were in the same room at Gauntlet...”

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Every room will have no more than four students and one room leader. Students sleep in the beds, and room leaders sleep on the floor.

What will students eat throughout the week?

Students are responsible for bringing lunch to eat on the bus on Monday. They’ll also need to pack breakfast for Tuesday through Friday. We will provide all other lunch and dinners. If your child has food allergies, be sure to note that on their sign-up form.

Where are you guys staying?

Gauntlet students, volunteers, and staff are staying at two secure hotels in Daytona Beach.

Will my student be walking around alone?

No. Students should never be alone. Students’ room leaders are to be with them at all times.

Is there security on the beach?

Yes. We will have medics and Safety teams stationed on the beach during free time. There are also Daytona Beach lifeguards on duty.

Is there a medical team around in case of an emergency?

Yes! NewSpring medics and Safety teams travel with us to Gauntlet. They are stationed everywhere students go — from the hotels, to the crosswalks, to the Ocean Center and the beach. In an emergency, Campus Safety will get in touch with you.

Can I send my student with medicine?

Yes, if you’re comfortable with your student taking medicine themselves, you can send it with them. If your student needs assistance with their medication, or if they take a controlled substance (such as an ADHD drug or prescription pain pill), doctors traveling with us will assist them. If your student is taking a controlled substance, they’ll need to bring their medicine in the bottle from the pharmacy. This lets our doctors verify the prescription and dose your child is supposed to take.

What are the dress requirements for my student?

The dress code, along with a packing list, is included in the packet you’ll receive at the parent meeting.

What type of activities will my student be participating in?

A typical day at Gauntlet starts with time in the Bible and in prayer. Then, we spend the morning in a combination of sessions, community groups, and fun. Next, it’s lunch and free time. After some time at the beach, pool, or shops, students grab dinner and go to evening session (like a Fuse night but with all 14 campuses in one place). Every day ends with a small group time in the room. Finally, it’s lights out so everyone is well-rested to do it all again.

How much money should I send with my student?

We’ll provide lunch and dinner every day in Daytona Beach. We also encourage students to pack snacks. The primary reason your student would need money is for shopping during free time. Lots of students like to get souvenirs from the Gauntlet Store or one of the shops near the Ocean Center.

What is the name of the bus company you guys are using?

We use a bus transportation company called GO GROUND. They contract with a few different bus companies to provide the buses we need.

What is the Gauntlet room leader approval and training process?

All volunteers going to Gauntlet must pass a federal background check and an interview. Once volunteers are approved, they go through training before going to Gauntlet.