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Myrtle Beach Campus Pastor

Johnathan Foster

Johnathan and his wife Kami moved to Myrtle Beach in February 2014 to lead Fuse Student Ministry. Johnathan has been a part of NewSpring since 2005 when he was a seventh grader in Fuse. His grandmother was faithful to plant seeds of faith in his heart from the very beginning of his life which ultimately led to his surrender to Christ at the age of 15 at the Gauntlet, NewSpring’s student summer camp experience. Shortly after, he felt a call to ministry to help ensure others got an opportunity to meet Christ and be led by Him just as Johnathan did. This is the path he and his wife are still on: living a life of faith and inviting others into the adventure. Johnathan and Kami have four children: Ruston, Olive, Ivory, and Copper.

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Vladimir Melnytskyy

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