Facility & Safety Director

Position Responsibilities

  • Uphold the vision of the NewSpring Church Facilities & Safety Ministry:  NewSpring Facilities & Safety exists to build, safeguard and steward NewSpring Church.
  • Uphold the values and standards as outlined in the Facilities & Safety Ministry VVS.
  • Ensure that each facility is 100% functional, clean and safe for every NewSpring gathering.
  • Work with each ministry of NewSpring in order to accomplish the vision of our church and its ministries, all while maintaining the vision, values and standards of the Facilities & Safety Ministry.  This will include:
    • Leading and participating at the campus director’s table.
    • Holding campus staff accountable to each ministry’s policies and procedures.
    • Continually operating and training staff to have a proactive mindset with a focus on continual improvement and best practices.
  • Build, Shepherd & Activate healthy and life-giving volunteer teams that effectively safeguard and steward our facility and provide outreach in our communities.
  • Prioritize tasks and projects using the following filter:
    • Critical Maintenance & Safety - critical, meaning it will affect a gathering.
    • Team Building - Maintenance & Safety Teams
    • Maintenance & Safety - non-critical but still required to effectively safeguard & steward the facility.
    • Campus &/or NSC requests - tasks &/or projects requested by campus &/or NSC but not included above.
  • Recruit, organize and lead the offering team for Sunday gathering. Ensure the team has necessary supplies and to get the tithes and offerings safely transported to the bank in a timely manner.

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