What is Vision 2030?

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We want to see everyone everywhere in an everyday relationship with Jesus — and yes, we’ve got some work to do. The first step? For us, it was to make a plan that we’re calling Vision 2030:

1.  Debt-free by 2030  ✅

We’ve dreamed of being debt-free since January 2017—when we started the year with a $45 million debt balance largely due to facility-building projects. In 2017, NewSpring’s leadership team made two important decisions: we won’t take on any additional debt, and we will give 10% of our general tithes and offerings to other Christ-centered churches and mission organizations.

Within the last six years, we’ve paid off $45 million and are now debt-free! During that same timeframe, NewSpring has given away close to $25 million to 600+ organizations.

2. All NewSpring campuses in their permanent homes by 2030

Out of our 13 locations across the state, our Aiken, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach campuses are still leasing their facilities. We’d love to see each of these campuses established in their permanent facility by 2030! 

3. Plant ten churches by 2030

We will identify, train, and send out people we believe have been called by God and who are ready to start a new church — not a NewSpring campus. We believe these new churches will be planted outside the state of South Carolina. We also strongly believe God will raise up other people in our church who will feel called to go and be a part of these church plants!

Many individuals and families faithfully give year after year. Their faith in the Lord and commitment to tithing and offering allow our church to remain steady and strong. If that is you, thank you.

God blesses our consistent obedience when we tithe. You can give your tithes or offerings online at NewSpring.cc/Give.

May 8, 2023

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